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Jewelry Care

  I use only sterling silver, Argentium sterling silver, fine silver, 14kt gold-filled, vermeil (what are these metals?), or copper sheet, wire, beads and findings in my jewelry unless specified.  The stones and pearls are genuine unless described otherwise.  All of my strung pieces are strung on mini twisted steel cable that has been coated with nylon - the cable is very strong and kink-resistant.  
  Jewelry Care....
  Sterling Finishes...
My sterling silver jewelry and charms come with either a shiny or a brushed matte finish. If you have a shiny finished piece, you can keep it looking nice by polishing it when needed with our polishing cloths (found here) and cleaning when necessary with soap and warm water. A brushed matte finish, on the other hand, is made up of tiny scratches in the metal so a polishing cloth will actually remove the finish. To keep a matte finish looking good, simply hold the piece under running water and rub gently in a circular motion with a scotch-brite pad or 400-1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper and you'll get a beautiful, professional finish!

Sterling silver
jewelry will tarnish when exposed to air, so I recommend storing sterling in a plastic sealed bag (with an anti-tarnish strip if you have one, or see the Accessories page to order) in your jewelry box.  For most people, sterling will tarnish less the more it's worn - skin oils coat the metal and help protect it from the elements.  
will also tarnish and can be polished with a cloth.  Sometimes a finish is applied to copper to prevent tarnish, but since I like a more "earthy" look I leave copper in its natural state. 
14kt gold-filled jewelry is the easiest to care for because it doesn't tarnish; simple polish gently with a polishing cloth or wash in warm water. 
Vermeil - Use the most care with vermeil.  If polished, the gold-plate can come off and expose the sterling underneath.  To clean, just wash gently in warm water.

Stones & Pearls....
Unbeknownst to most people, many stones and pearls are dyed, enhanced, stabililzed or otherwise treated to enhance their color and wearing properties.  I use natural stones and pearls whenever possible, but often, it's impossible to know for sure if a stone has been treated.  So when wearing jewelry with stones and/or pearls, use care when exposing to chemicals, especially chlorine!  Chemicals can make stones "bleed" or remove the shiny finish.  And remember that most of our water supply contains chemicals, so even over-exposure to household water can damage some pieces.
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