Cuff sizing & wearing information

Our cuff bracelets are 6" long and are made to fit about 95% of all wrists.  If the circumference of your wrist (wrap a string around your wrist, then measure the string with a ruler) is 5.75" - 6.75", our cuffs should fit you just fine (it'll be a bit looser on the smaller wrist and tighter on a larger wrist).  If you would like to order a men's cuff or a large woman's cuff, please contact us for pricing - men's cuff bracelets  (7" long) and larger cuffs for women are available by special order.  Cuffs for smaller women are available using the selection menu on the bracelet pages.

To wear a cuff, put the cuff on behind the wrist bone (there's a "squishy" spot) by pushing the bottom end of the cuff into the underside of your wrist (into the "squishy" spot!) and pushing the top end of the cuff over your wrist until it slides on.  You should start on the inside of your wrist and move outwards as you slide the cuff on.

Cuff bracelets are a bit adjustable, but ideally, you should adjust it to your size (very gently - try to adjust where the cuff isn't etched) and then not adjust it again unless it's necessary.  Especially be careful of bending bracelets where they're etched - if the metal is bent again and again, it will cause a stress spot and will eventually cause the piece to break.  With care, your cuff will last a lifetime!
    Small - 5.5" long - for wrists with a circumference of 5.75 " or less
    Average - 6" long - for wrists with a circumference of 5.75" - 6.75" - (our standard size)
    Large - 6.5" long - for wrists with a circumference of 6.75" or more (available by special order)
    Men's - 7 " long - for wrists with a circumference of 7" or more (available by special order)